Fabritia D’Intino (1986,Ita) is a freelance performer and choreographer based in Italy.
In 2008 she graduates at the National Dance Academy of Rome (IT), and in 2011at Artez Hogeschool vor de Kusten in Arnhem (NL).
With a special interest for improvisation and instant composition, she develops her work in different international contexts and she focuses her  choreographic research mainly on pop culture. Through artistic residencies and collaborations she investigates the elements connected to the world of the videoclips, gogo dance, white trash and more generally on the idea of the relation between fiction and reality. She creates and presents her projects in different contexts and venues in Europe, U.S.A. and Latin America.

Since 2013 she collaborates with the company Déjà Donnè (Perugia) that produces her works and from the same year she is part of the new team of BIDE (Barcelona) as artistic collaborator. BIDE is an international platform for exchange that every year welcomes artists from all over the world and supports them in the choreographic research.
In 2014 she is dancer and choreographer within the EU program Dance Moves Cities (Terni/Riga) where she is followed for the all process by the choreographer Cristina Rizzo and where she meets and collaborates with different artists as Marten Spangberg (Sweden) and Contact Gonzo (Japan).
From 2015 she collaborates with Spazio ZUT! (Foligno, IT) for dance and performance activities.

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