BIDE is a platform for networking and exchange for dancers, choreographers and performers. We provide a space for artists to meet and work together, to research and develop material, to do tryouts and perform, and to find new inspirations and collaborations for artistic work. BIDE hosts one annual event each spring in Barcelona, plus satellite events and artists residencies throughout the summer in Europe. Applicants for BIDE should have professional experience and a strong interest in contemporary dance. 

During the annual event of BIDE, we will work in a structure of laboratories. Participants can propose to facilitate or co-facilitate a laboratory of the theme of their interest. Each day there will be 3-6 laboratories for people to choose from. Each evening there will be a showing or a performance, where we come together to exchange what has happened during the day.

The BIDE artist residencies are open for all the participants of the annual event. During the event, artists interested in continuing collaboration together, can apply for the residencies.

The aim of BIDE is to offer a structure that supports creative work to happen and share information in a non-hierarchic way. BIDE aims to support the sharing of information and experience as well as the methods to do so – thus, we emphasize a curious attitude towards working in laboratories and finding ways to develop such collaboration structures.

BIDE welcomes only professional artists. We focus on dancers, choreographers and performing artists but invite also musicians working with dance. We have a limited space for students in the field of contemporary dance. There is also a limited possibility for scholarships through our partners.

Take a look at our photos and videos in the media section or videos on YouTubefrom BIDE 2009-2014, and browse through our website to read more about our events! You can also find BIDE in Facebook with interesting news.


Dance Moves Cities is an artistic project focusing on the potential of urban spaces to become inspiration sites for contemporary dance creations and international collaboration as a mode of production.

At the basis of Dance Move Cities project is of a series of city residencies involving experienced international choreographers leading teams of local young dance artists in three cities – Riga in Latvia, Terni in Italy, Krakow in Poland. Using the strategy of turning existing limits into advantages, Dance Move Cities plays with the restrictions that are found in the specific conditions in our cities and turns them into a resource.

As a result of city residences and a final artistic lab, Dance Moves Cities will propose new artistic creations and explore the capacity of dance to engage with the public and private space.

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